Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nepalese sentenced to 3 years for stabbing Pinay ex-GF in UAE

A 33-year-old Nepalese was sentenced to three years in jail in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for stabbing a 39-year-old Filipino woman who dumped him in March 2010.

According to a report of Khaleej Times Online, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the Nepalese of stabbing his Filipina ex-girlfriend before trying to kill himself while he was intoxicated.

On March 4 last year, the Nepalese, 33, entered the beauty salon where his Filipina ex-girlfriend was working and stabbed her on her head, chest and hand, the report said.

After attacking the Filipina, he attempted suicide by stabbing himself three times in the abdomen, the report added.

The victim, a 39-year-old woman, told the prosecutor that the incident happened as she and her colleague preparing to close the beauty salon late that night.

The victim said she heard her colleague, a 35-year-old Nepalese woman, screaming because the Filipina's ex-boyfriend stabbed her in the hand.

“After stabbing her he stabbed me," the Filipina said.

She recounted that after the attack, she fainted and woke up later at the hospital.

The victim said she had known the Nepalese for a year before the attack happened.

However, when the Nepalese did not keep his promise to marry her, the Filipina decided to break up with him.

According to Khaleej Time, an Emirati lieutenant said during the investigation that he was on duty at the Raffa Police Station when they were informed by the Operation Room of the Dubai Police about a stabbing incident.

“We went to the beauty salon and there was blood everywhere. The defendant was lying on his back with a medium-sized knife next to him," the policeman was quoted as saying. – VVP, GMA News

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