Sunday, December 26, 2010

Murdered baby found in Dubai airport bathroom

Suspect strangled her new-born child, which she gave birth to in the bathroom of Dubai airport

Dubai: Dubai Police are investigating a case, in cooperation with the Interpol, of a woman who strangled her new-born child and dumped the child in the airport's bathroom.
The suspect, who is from an African country, had strangled her newborn child, which she gave birth to in the bathroom of Dubai International Airport. She then dumped the child in the trash and boarded a plane back to her country, said police sources.
A police source said the woman have been identified with the aid of CCTV cameras in the airport. Dubai Police have already requested the arrest of the suspect.
The CCTV cameras revealed that the woman boarded the plane minutes after murdering the new-born baby on Thursday morning.
The child was discovered by a cleaner after a passenger found blood in the bathroom. The new-born child was found dumped in the garbage can, covered in a plastic bag and tied with the umbilical cord .

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