Wednesday, December 29, 2010

World population to reach 6.9B at New Year, German group says

At the stroke of the clock at midnight, December 31, the world’s population will have grown to about 6.9 billion and will hit seven billion by the middle of 2011, a German aid group that promotes birth control said in Hanover, Germany on Tuesday.

The German Foundation for World Population, or DSW, runs a “population meter" on its website that calculates the current world population from various annual data sources. 

At midnight on Friday, the calculator will read 6,934,196,000, up 80 million from one year ago. Following population trends, the numbers assume that 2.6 people are born every second.

This is slightly different from estimates of the World Population Global Report of the United States Census, which estimates that that worldwide and every second, there are 4.17 total births and 1.8 total deaths — causing a net growth of 2.37 per second.

While there is no totally accurate account of total world population, as no person or entity continually records every single birth and death, population estimates are based on various census figures and the rates of growth in various countries.

DSW, which supplies free contraception, did not forecast any exact date for the seven billion mark to be reached.— DM/KBK, GMANews.TV

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