Wednesday, December 15, 2010

College student killed by ex-BF in murder-suicide

SAN DIEGO – A 22-year-old college student was shot to death by her former boyfriend in an apparent murder-suicide last Friday morning.
Greg Sevella, Michel Rose David’s granduncle said David was walking her dog when Dan Shoemake, a former high school sweetheart, shot her twice with an assault rifle.
“I just couldn’t wrap my arms around it that this could happen to our family…that this could happen to her. It was just hard for me to accept that she was no longer alive. It was really hard, and that evening I was very numb,” Sevella said.
Army veteran James Vicente heard 2 gun shots and saw his neighbor lying on the sidewalk fighting for her life. He said he saw David’s ex-boyfriend fleeing the scene.
“I saw him running away with a berretta, and I grabbed my camera phone trying to take a picture of his car getting away. But she was on the ground lying there.  A couple people were already here calling 911 and the police came, tried to do CPR. She made it to the hospital, but that was it,” said Vicente.
San Diego Police said Shoemake then got in his car and shot himself with a handgun. Reports say Shoemake was in the US Army.
Friends and family held a vigil over the weekend. They said David was very active with her sorority and the community. Neighbors remember her for her kindness.
Sevella said David and Shoemake families have known each other for over 5 years. Both were from Pleasanton, California and dated on and off since high school. But they recently broke it off.
Since the incident, the Shoemake family has been silent. Sevella said they don’t blame his family.
Sevella added, “We’ve seen each other every day, gotten together when they’ve had their moments, they cry and I prayed with them.  I’ve had my moments, we’ve hugged and shared, and have had meals together dealing with the pleas, and comforting each other.
Sevella who lives in Hawaii, left San Diego for Pleasanton, California. He was driving a few of David’s belongings back to the Bay Area, including her car and dog. For the rest of the week, Sevella will make preparations for her funeral scheduled to take place on Saturday. Balitang America

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