Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Family of OFW who died in Sauid Arabia donates organs

The family of an overseas Filipino worker who died recently from a stroke has donated some of his organs to a non-government organization in Saudi Arabia.

Relatives of Edwin Rubinos Panistante, 53, have consented to a request by the Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation (SCOT) to donate the organs.

"SCOT informed us that it had contacted the family of Panistante to help patients who might need his organs," Vice Consul Roussel Reyes, who is in charge of the assistance to nationals section at the Philippine Embassy, said in an interview with Arab News. 

An intensive medical examination had shown there was blood accumulating in a vein in the OFW's brain, rendering him comatose for several days.

SCOT contacted Panistante's wife Angelina, 52, who lives in Rizal province. She consented, the Arab News report said.

In return for the consent, the Saudi Ministry of Health will shoulder the cost of transporting the coffin carrying Panistante's remains as well as a plane ticket to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila.

"Also, the surviving family members of the deceased will be eligible for a charity payment of SR50,000 (P583,871) within three months. These benefits are applicable only if the retrieval of his organs is performed," SCOT administrative coordinator Abdullah Al Enazi said in a letter to Panistante's wife.

On December 4, Panistante was rushed to Abanamy Hospital where he was pronounced brain-dead. His family was informed on Dec. 3 of his medical condition.

After his family’s consent to the donation request, he was transferred to another hospital where the organs were removed.

Embassy records showed Panistante was planning to go home on an exit visa about eight months ago, but decided to stay and work for another company to continue sending some of his children to school.

His children are Ednel, 27; Marian Joy Panistante-Baltazar, 25; Jason, 19; and Angelwyn, 14.

He was recruited in Manila by Al Jazira Manpower Services.

On learning of the death of her brother, Dubai-based Rosario Panistante called non-government organization Migrante last Dec. 7 to seek help in the repatriation of her brother's body.

"I salute Panistante, who had been in Saudi Arabia for more than seven years, for his love and unselfishness for his family like other OFWs who are willing to sacrifice for their children," Migrante Middle East coordinator John Monterona said.

He also lauded the family for its humanitarian gesture of donating Panistante's organs. — LBG/RSJ, GMANews.TV

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