Thursday, January 27, 2011

Man who stabbed his Filipina wife 31 times gets death sentence

Manama: The Egyptian man who killed his Filipina wife by stabbing her 31 times in a beauty saloon in Kuwait City has been sentenced to death.
Fawzia Al Sabah, the lawyer of the victim, Norhaisa Nasa Andao, said that the charges leveled against the suspect had been proven and that his crime was premeditated.
According to the case documents, investigations revealed that Attalla Mohammad, the husband, had been was upset with his 32-year-old wife for taking their three children, two girls and one boy, to the Philippines where she left them in the care of relatives in Cotabato before returning to Kuwait and filing for divorce.
The convict, on the day of the murder in July 2010, went to the salon in Jabriya where his wife worked and asked to speak with her privately.
Following a ten-minute conversation, he took out a knife and stabbed her reportedly 31 times in front of the shocked clients and workers before fleeing, Kuwaiti daily Arab Times reported. He was later arrested.
According to Mohammad, the watchman of the building where the salon is located, the victim was always fighting with her husband and "everybody at the salon was aware of their constant arguments."
He said that the killer used to visit the salon frequently to take his wife and their three children to picnics until their relationship soured.
The witness said that Norhaisa had filed a complaint against her husband for his violent attitudes about 15 days before the murder.

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