Monday, January 3, 2011

Pinoy couple fights US deportation order

NEW JERSEY - A Filipino couple from New Jersey are fighting a deportation order they received right before the New Year.
The US Citizenship and Immigration Services ordered the deportation of Rica and Gideon Tonog.
Rica had earlier applied for permanent residency based on a work visa. Immigration authorities rejected her application, saying that Rica’s employer, a Filipino-owned staffing company, is not financially capable to sponsor foreign workers.
Rica’s husband, Gideon, suffered a similar immigration problem after the company that had sponsored his work visa was shut down.
The Filipino American Legal and Education Fund (FALDEF) is helping the Tonogs fight deportation.
Lawyers for FALDEF hope to have the deportation deferred through a public petition. Rica has cancer of the uterus and hopes to continue cancer treatment in the US. Balitang America

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